Children and Youth Worker

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Job Title: Youth/Children Worker
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Department: Family Ministry

Location: New Westminster

Salary: $18.50 per hour

HR Contact: Angelique Secillano

External Posting: BCBC, Indeed

Internal Posting: Facebook

Date Posted: April 30, 2022

Posting Expires: May 20, 2022

Job Category: Canada Summer Program

Position Type: Full time (30hrs a week)

Duration: 3 months (June to August) 

Job Description
  1. To assist the church in planning, coordinating and leading summer programs that will be open to the children/youth in the New Westminster area.
  2. To spend time in the community talking to the young people and inviting them to join in youth and children’s activities.
  3. Preparation of teaching material, resources for lesson and the delivery of the lesson.
  4. Encourage the youth to take up serving opportunities in the church and the community as
  5. a means of service to the Lord.
  6. Supervision of young people.
  7. Recruits, trains and works with members of the congregation.
  8. Meetings with the Youth/Children Ministry Teams will be required at times.
  9. Approximately 30 hours per week (must be able to work Sundays)
  10. During the week, work can be completed remotely, at the church or at a specified location. 

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  1. A heart for God and a heart for His people.
  2. You’ll need to understand, agree with and live out the mission, vision and values of Living
  3. Hope Christian Church
  4. Communication is key—you’ll need to communicate well with all types and ages of people
  5. Good organizational skills—it can get pretty busy around here so you’ll need to be able to
  6. manage multiple projects at once.
  7. Good interpersonal relationship skills—to handle various conversations, personal contacts
  8. or sensitive discussions.
  9. Computer skills—You’ll need to be able to handle a computer and any software we use.
  10. A criminal record and background check will be required 

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